Upholstery Cleaning


Your upholstered furniture takes a beating, whether you’re a business owner with foot traffic or a homeowner with kids and/or pets. It’s unavoidable for your furniture to encounter dust, dead skin, pet hair, pollen, food particles, etc. Up to 80% of the dirt that enters your house is thought to end up in the upholstered materials. This can result in drab, dull furnishings, pollutants that worsen asthma and allergies, and premature deterioration of fabrics.

Our family-run business, Wee’s Cleaning Services, LLC, has been serving the Marshall, Pipestone, and Redwood Falls area with dependable, reasonably priced upholstery cleaning since 1975. We are bonded and licensed in the state of Minnesota.

  • Our truck-mounted equipment can clean sofas, chairs, and more
  • Deodorant and protectant application included
  • Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification
  • Seasonal, periodic, & disaster recovery cleaning services

DIY vs Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Professional upholstery cleaning may appear pricey at first. If you take a closer look, you’ll quickly see that attempting to clean upholstery yourself almost always ends in failure or disappointment because something is sure to go wrong.

Upholstery-safe chemicals are not available in home cleaning solutions. Although these cleaning products are marketed as effective for upholstery, they are usually merely diluted versions of carpet cleaners; upholstery and carpet materials differ significantly, and using the same cleaning solutions will yield disappointing results.

The fact that DIY devices lack the suction power necessary to adequately rinse and remove water from upholstered furniture is another issue with them. Furniture may eventually sustain irreversible damage if the fabric becomes overly saturated. Using less water is one possibility, but you can’t clean the fabric without a sufficient amount of water. We can deliver the results that you want because we have the tools and expertise. When you contact Wee’s Cleaning Services, LLC, to learn more about the upholstery cleaning locals have grown to rely on over the past 45+ years, you’ll extend the life of your upholstered furniture by many years. If you’re in the Marshall, Pipestone, or Redwood Falls area, please contact us today for a free upholstery cleaning estimate.

Contact us today, and we’ll clean your upholstered furniture to help make your home or business cleaner, brighter, and happier.