Tile & Grout Cleaning

Rejuvenate High-Traffic Tile Floors

We use 45+ years of experience, non-toxic chemicals, steam, and a little bit of elbow grease to restore your home and business floors to like-new condition. Tile and grout cleaning can also reduce the risk of slips and falls by increasing friction by more than one-third.

Grout cleaning probably will not make the list of things you want to do on your day off. It’s one of those tasks that, although necessary, can take the joy right out of your day. The fact is that while routine sweeping and mopping will help clear your floor of ordinary dirt and debris, there is no foolproof method to prevent grout from eventually becoming dirty. Even after you’ve just cleaned, dirty tile and grout can make your house or place of business appear older and dingier.

Wee’s Cleaning Services, LLC is the go-to tile and grout cleaning company in the Marshall, Pipestone, and Redwood Falls, Minnesota, areas for both residential and commercial cleaning needs. Enjoy our flexible hours to refinish and strip tile floors at your convenience.

Restore the Shine to Your Tile Floors

  • Tile floor stripping and refinishing
  • Ceramic, vinyl, and resilient tile
  • Grout cleaning and sealing
  • Commercial and residential services and competitive rates
  • Seasonal, periodic, and disaster recovery cleaning services
Wee's Cleaning Services, LLC tile cleaning in action

Why Hire a Professional

How valuable is your time? Is your downtime the way you survive your uptime? If so, you most likely don’t want to spend time cleaning your grout on your hands and knees. Since we also value our family, we recognize that you want to spend time with your loved ones when you’re not at work. We are capable of handling any grimy grout and tile cleaning that people in the Marshall, Pipestone, and Redwood Falls areas have for us. Which allows you to return to your favorite activities!

Cleaning Grout: Over time, spills, soap scum, and other debris can accumulate in the grout’s microscopic air pockets. Removing it is almost impossible without the right instruments and cleaning supplies.

Grout Sealing: You can anticipate months-long results from properly placed post-cleaning sealants when hiring Wee’s to clean your tile and grout. Knowing your grout and tile are protected by a barrier will leave you less concerned about future spills and dirt.

Easy Peasy: If you’ve ever cleaned tile and grout by hand, you are aware of how extremely uncomfortable, messy, and slow the process is. Who would want to scrub around every tile with a toothbrush all day long on the floor? You can carry on with your day as usual after contacting Wee’s; we’ll do the work for you.

The Enemies of Tile and Grout

What stains or discolors the grout and tile in your home or business?

Properties of Grout: Different types of grout have varying levels of porosity. These openings, or pores, take in everyday substances that can cause stains and discoloration.

Moisture: The moisture in kitchens and bathrooms can lead to the growth of mildew. Insufficient ventilation exacerbates the issue further. You should contact professionals when you notice mildew entering your grout’s pores!

Soap Scum: Soap residue mixes with the minerals in your water and can settle into your grout as it dries out.

Hand scrubbing being done for tile and grout cleaning

Since 1975, the homes and businesses in the Marshall, Pipestone, and Redwood Falls areas have relied on Wee’s Cleaning Services, LLC, for comprehensive tile and grout cleaning.

Save yourself even more hours of labor and stress when you contact us for carpet, upholstery, or duct cleaning. We’ll have your rooms looking their best in no time!