Air Duct Cleaning

Homes and businesses in the region rely on Wee’s Cleaning Services, LLC, of Balatan, MN, for thorough air duct cleaning services to get rid of collected pollutants from their heating and cooling systems.

Typical contaminants found in your duct system include dust mites, mold, pet dander, dead skin, pollen, fungi, and dead animals like mice. You should have your duct system inspected and cleaned if you see accumulations of dust on surfaces soon after they have been cleaned, as well as a stuffy or extremely humid atmosphere.

When you give us a call to learn more about the duct cleaning Marshall, Pipestone, and Redwood Falls locals have been relying on for more than 40 years, you’ll be breathing better.

Clean Ducts Reduce Dust Particles & Respiratory Problems

To experience greater efficiency from your heating and cooling system, contact Wee’s Cleaning Services, LLC, for thorough, professional air duct cleaning. Enjoy other benefits like reduced allergens, improved air quality, and less dusting.

Air Quality

Even though you can’t see your air ducts, dirt and dust can cause problems within this vital system. Air ducts that aren’t cleaned regularly can negatively impact indoor air quality, making allergies and asthma symptoms worse and posing other health risks.

Energy Savings

Dirty air ducts reduce the effectiveness of heating and cooling systems. Maintaining your HVAC system at peak performance and enhancing interior air quality can be achieved with routine, comprehensive duct cleaning. For more than 40 years, locals have depended on Wee’s Cleaning Services, LLC to clean their home and business ducts, reducing their energy expenses.

Our Process

A truck-mounted vacuum system is attached near the furnace. An “Air Snake” system comprised of compressed air and specialized attachments is run through all of the ductwork, loosening and working the debris to the vacuum system and out into the truck.

Maintain a clean, allergen-free home or business with professional carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and duct cleaning. You can also save money when you bundle our services!

Scheduled Air Duct Cleaning

Our skilled technicians will perform routine duct cleaning and inspections as part of your home or business’s maintenance plan to help guarantee the safe and effective operation of your heating and cooling systems. It provides the hygienic indoor air that you and your family members or employees need. For a quote at our highly competitive rates, contact us right now.