Carpet Cleaning

When considering carpet cleaning Marshall and Redwood Falls area residents and business owners regard Wee’s Cleaning Service, LLC, as the best in the industry. We believe it is entirely possible to extend the life of your carpet and avoid the high cost of carpet replacement through regular, thorough carpet cleanings.

The options for carpet cleaning in Marshall and Redwood Falls area home and business owners include:

  • DIY carpet cleaners — machine ownership or rental, but that might not do as good a job
  • Hire based strictly on cost — there are several companies who offer the carpet cleaning in Balaton, Marshall and surrounding communities, but many of those companies are corporately owned and have little vested in the area
  • Contact the locally-owned and operated carpet cleaning professionals at Wee’s Cleaning Services, LLC, of Balaton, MN. We’re local, family-owned, have over 40 years of experience, and we strive to go above and beyond to meet the needs of our residential and commercial clients

Before & Afters

Protect Your Investment

For prolonged carpet life, it’s the benefits of scheduled carpet shampooing Marshall and Redwood Falls area residents should seriously consider. Floor covering, after all, is a big investment, and ought to be treated as such. Oily soils, like exhaust emissions, smog, residue from burnt items such as nicotine from cigarettes or candle smoke, and gas or smoke from cooking and gas-fired appliances leave a mark on your carpets. Grimy soils, spills and gasses work their way down and stick to the fibers in your rug, ultimately attracting loose dirt. Removing this grime as soon as possible can save your carpet from permanent damage. Once the stain or soil is removed, vacuuming becomes more effective, and rug maintenance is easier, when dry dirt and debris have nothing sticky to draw and hold them in, call on Wee’s Cleaning to protect your flooring investment. Depending on the type of carpet and its condition, we can remove stains, dirt, and pet odors using steam, encapsulation, or bonnet cleaning methods.

Improved Air Quality

Better air quality is another benefit of carpet cleaning Redwood Falls, MN, homes and businesses should take advantage of. Damp or moist soiling, or spills on carpets, can encourage the development of unhealthy contaminants by trapping pollutants, which can aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms. Regular cleaning stops bacteria and allergen growth in its tracks, and gets rid of dead skin, dust mites and bedbugs that may have found their way into your rugs. For the health of your family, employees and customers, contact Wee’s  Cleaning Services, LLC, today.

A Fresh, Clean Appearance

Newly cleaned carpets improve the look of any room by making it feel clean and fresh. Dingy, stained rugs decrease the morale and employee production, and give customers and business associates a poor first impression. Plus, clean carpets in your home tend to make the entire family work harder at keeping things tidy. At Wee’s Cleaning Services of Balatan, MN, we provide the professional cleaning carpet services Marshall and Redwood Falls area residential and commercial customers deserve.

Retain Your Warranty

Regular professional carpet shampooing helps to maintain the warranty on your flooring. Generally, warranties require that carpets be cleaned every 12-18 months, using the extraction method. The carpet cleaners Redwood Falls area clients need to meet these requirements can be done by the affordable professionals at Wee’s Cleaning Service.

Why Hire a Professional?

As mentioned, DIY machines are available for purchase or rent at very reasonable prices, but there are some things to consider when cleaning the carpet of your homes or businesses on your own.

  • Equipment: Professional machines have more extraction power than DIY models, enabling them to remove more grime, plus the excess moisture than could cause damage to your rugs.
  • Carpet Components: Carpets are made of different fibers by differing methods, and require specific machines, cleaning agents and water amounts to keep from voiding the warranty. DIY machines are pretty much a one-size fits all approach.
  • Training: At Wee’s Cleaning Services, LLC, we are educated on stain and soil components, and the proper cleaning methods to address them.
  • Extras: We can apply protectants that will help prevent soil and spills from penetrating and possibly permanently damaging your carpet. This helps to ensure long carpet life and minimize damage. It is an option that comes at an additional charge.

Contact Wee’s Cleaning Services, LLC, an experienced, family-owned, locally-based company, to learn more about the carpet cleaning Marshall and Redwood Falls area residents rave about. Call us today for a free, no obligation estimate! Trust the Southwest Minnesota cleaning experts with over 40 years in business.